So Stereo Music News Summary December 2017

Mixcloud Taps Gracenote’s Music Identification System For Better Song Recognition:

Mixcloud has been the leader for uploading DJ sets for some time with SoundCloud having to reign itself in from the wild wild west days of its start. It is looking to extend that lead with a new deal with Gracenote that will give Mixcloud access to Gracenote’s music identification system. This will allow for better identification of songs in each mix, notably mainstream tracks. It will still be up to users to get the times right and fill in the blanks where Gracenote fails.

YouTube Cutting Loops From Streaming Totals:

Earlier this year, YouTube was at the center of a controversy regarding chart position. Post Malone’s team had gamed the system by releasing a “full version” of his song “Rockstar” that was in fact just the chorus looped over and over again. It garnered millions of views and helped the song go number 1. In a statement to Pitchfork, YouTube head, Lyor Cohen and a spokesperson says they are stopping that and will be actively removing deceptive videos like that.

Penske Media Buys Majority Stake In Rolling Stone Owner, Wenner Media:

Rolling Stone’s owner Wenner Media has been on the market for a few months now. The Wenner family has been looking to sell their remaining 51% share of the company for some time now and have found a buyer in Penske Media Corporation at a valuation of just over $100 million according to Variety. Wenner has been laden with debt and struggling finances recently. They sold a 49% stake to BandLab, a Singapore-based company, which will still retain its part of the company.

The Glitch Mob’s Justin Boreta Joins Virtual Reality Company TRIPP:

The Glitch Mob’s Justin Boreta, or as he goes by as a solo artist, Boreta, will join mood-altering Virtual Reality company TRIPP as their creative director. Together with audio-visual producer and programmer Matthew Davis, Boreta has formed Superposition, a project focused on creating and performing immersive ambient music. TRIPP is a wellness technology that is developing its products through virtual reality and Boretta is going to help using music.

“As a long time meditator, I’m honored to work with Nanea [CEO Nanea Reeves] and the rest of the team to positively affect people’s mindsets,” says Boreta. “Using audio to create meaningful, positive change in people’s lives is a large part of that plan.”

Apple Music Facing Class Action Lawsuit Over Unpaid Royalties:

Apple is facing a class action lawsuit for allegedly not paying royalties to an independent musician Bryan Eich. Eich and his lawyer, say that Apple failed to license mechanical rights for the compositions on the service. Eich is asking for $30,000 for each song that Apple Music allegedly infringed upon. This isn’t anything new for streaming services. Other services like Spotify, Rhapsody and Google Play have all been hit with similar lawsuits and in those they have argued that they can’t always identify the publishing rights holders in order to license their compositions. The lawsuit claims that Apple did not do its proper due diligence in licensing the songs, so we will see if this becomes a larger suit with more artists.

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Live Nation, Bowery Presents Founder Form New NYC Promoter:

Live Nation and Michael Swier, co-owner of two iconic New York music venues, Mercury Lounge and Bowery Ballroom, have announced a new booking joint venture called Mercury East Presents. Both venues used to booked by Bowery Presents, which was sold off to AEG Presents, but Swier left the company and has now started this Live Nation partnership. Mercury East will book both mercury Lounge and Bowery Ballroom, in addition to Live Nation’s Irving Plaza, Gramery Theatre, Warsaw and Ford Amphitheater at Coney Island Boardwalk. It will also help with The Beacon Theater and Madison Square Garden, and will collaborate with Founders Entertainment, the team behind Governors Ball and The Meadows according to Billboard.

New kids on the block, Freedom for Musicians (FFM) all set to take on the big boys in 2018

With the release of their networking app for musicians and in house independent record label FFM Records, Freedom for Musicians are going to become a major player in 2018. An international cooperative of musicians that is free from exploitation, FFM are a unique organisation that has the interests of its members at the heart of everything they do. They provide a free marketing service to its members around the world as well as raising funds for music projects, supporting music related charities and creating a real sense of community for ordinary musicians worldwide. Membership is completely free and simplicity itself. To join FFM, all you do is join the Facebook group and you have access to all their services.

Supreme Court Won’t Hear Appeal in Capitol Records Vs Vimeo Copyright Dispute

The ruling said websites are protected from liability for inadvertently hosting music recorded before 1972.

The Supreme Court won’t hear an appeal from record companies that want to pursue copyright infringement claims against music site Vimeo for hosting unauthorized recordings from the Beatles, Elvis Presley and other classic artists.

The justices on Monday left in place a federal appeals court ruling that said websites are protected from liability even for older music recorded before 1972.

The Capitol Records building in Los Angeles.

Supreme Court Asked if DMCA Safe Harbors Apply to Pre-1972 Sound Recordings

Capitol Records and other music companies sued Vimeo for violating copyright laws based on 199 videos uploaded by users. A federal judge ruled a federal “safe harbor” law did not cover pre-1972 recordings that are protected by state law.

But a New York federal appeals court overturned that ruling, saying service providers would incur heavy costs to monitor every posting or risk “crushing liabilities” under state law.

The 004: Their Story

We Are Still One is a story about a group of friends, who are passionate about creating music together and having fun. The documentary gives a never before seen look into how the band started and how they have evolved over the years.

As a band, The 004 has been active for over a decade, covering popular songs and recently performing their own material.

Their latest release is “Song For Me”, which can be seen below.

Injecting 2017 with a dose of much-needed positive attitude, the Dutch pop group charms with their heart warming new song “Song For Me”. Produced by K3Y5HIFT3R (from Holland) and co-written by Brian (from Argentina), the song conveys a message of positivity and self-acceptance.

The 004 have been active for over a decade, perfecting known songs with their own unique interpretations and giving music lovers around the world innovative original musical pieces. Joining original members Kelly, Mike and Janet is new girl Gita, an accomplished dancer and professional singer.

The group will continue their worldwide conquest during 2017, with the release of a career-encompassing documentary and many more exciting things that will be announced very soon!

Producer: K3Y5HIFT3R (Holland)
Co-songwriter: Brian (Argentina)
Editor: Alex Lodge (UK)
Graphic Designer: Fernanda (Brazil)
Photographers: Jeroen & Stefan (Holland)
Recensionist: Simon (Finland) & Norm (UK)