Raga Kedar by Debdeep Misra

Kedar, also known as Kedara, is a Hindustani classical raga. Named after Lord Shiva, the raga is placed on a high pedestal in the realms of Indian classical music. It is characterised by a lot of complex turns, which are brilliantly melodious but difficult to express in words.
The raga is of shaadava-sampurna nature, i.e., in its arohana (ascent), only six notes are used, and in avarohana (descent), all seven notes are used.
Arohana: S M ~P, m P D n ~D P, m P S’ Avarohana: S’ N D P, m P D P M~ , S R S Pakad: S M, M P, m P m P, D P M, R S
The raga is to be sung in the night. It is sung in the first prahar of night. Most Ragas with teevra ma(M) are sung at night (as per the time theory of Ragas)
Raga Kedar
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