Since its launch in February 2017, Freedom For Musicians is rapidly becoming the ‘goto’ place for ordinary musicians worldwide. FFM is the only online music magazine where members can post their music blogs, share their music videos, advertise their products and services and promote themselves or band to a global audience for FREE!

We even have our own independent record label (FFM Records) where musicians can release, digitally, a single which can be stored in itunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.

Our readership is growing daily and is truly global with visitors from every continent driven by our team of International Ambassadors.

We are now offering advertising space to corporate clients with a musical identity to come onboard with us at this early stage of our life. FFM are highly ethical and support  the Araba Scott Children’s Foundation. Part of our work is to help developing music communities from around the world and are currently supporting young musicians in Uganda. We plan to offer grants, scholarships and bursaries as well as recording opportunities (via the record label) to enable musicians to access the industry who wouldn’t normally get the opportunity.

Our Sponsorship Package

Your clickable image or video ad in the content sidebar with a review of your company as an article. Your brand discreetly promoted within our articles with the option to update and tweak your message whenever you need to.

Simply send your marketing package to us, we will prepare your advertising product for you to approve or tweak and only when you are happy, you pay us.

Our current clients:

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Gear 4 Music
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Alicia Louise
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For further details and information on how your brand can come onboard with Freedom For Musicians, email



2 replies on “Advertise with FFM”

  1. What is absolutely fantastic is the diligent step by step strategic unseen planning behind the “FFM Corporate Marketing” label. Each artist has a space through which other platforms share the items. Added to this is the social worth of giving back through to the communities that are supported.

    Thank You for leading the way.

    1. Thank you Patricia, you have hit the nail on the head. Service is at the heart of what we do.

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