Dita Nurdian

International Ambassador for Indonesia

“I started my career in Electronic Music Dance in 2015. I decided to publish my music in 2016 but for hobby only and for my friends from around the world. The first single I released was called “Hypnosea” 2017. Hypnosea is my 1st single with genre tropical house. After I got good responses from listeners, I decided to release many singles and 2 Albums called “Miss Dee” & “In Lost”. I made the decision to join with Record Labels from England – London “FFM Record Labels – Roger Moisan” to release my few singles and 2 Albums.”
Dita Nurdian.
I have collaborated with many Artists for my singles.
1. Soba Ni Itai Yo, Perfect Block Feat Maniac Mac (Sweden)
2. Free Mind Feat Maniac Mac & Giorgia (Sweden & Italy)
3. Broken Feat Vicky Vimmas (India)
4. Alone Feat Q-Bale (Indonesia)
5. Laila Majnun Feat Q-Bale & Sankar Arun (Indonesia & India)
6. Sugarnight Feat Dimz (Indonesia)
Iwork together with LANDR for distributing my music to online stream, Google Play Music, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, iHeartRadio, Deezer, Tidal, Pandora, Shazam, Beatport and many more music platform.
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