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How to become an FFM Artist

At FFM Records, we want to provide an opportunity for musicians to release their music commercially who would not normally have the option to do so. We are particularly interested  in helping bands and artists from war torn areas, refugees and those whose musical material is politically oppressed in their country of origin. For example: Songs that celebrate LGBT issues.

The process is very simple:

  • You provide a good quality MP3
  • Art work to feature in your release.
  • Your musical story

We then use our industry partner DITTO Music to distribute your recording to every major digital musical outlet in the world. Itunes, Amazon, Spotify etc. We will provide you the links to promote your music sales. We will also promote your music through our network.

What is the first step?

We need to get to know you first and the first step is to email Roger Moisan at rogermoisan@yahoo.co.uk explaining why you need our help.

FFM Records Ltd are a fully licensed independent record label

Company Number: 10183598

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