FFM’s friend Alicia Louise wins the Social Impact Award 2019

I am pleased to announce that I am the WINNER of the Social Impact Award 2019! I am truly grateful to every person who voted for me and to the University of Westminster for recognising me in this way. I hope it encourages people who’ve faced similar adversity to push on and let God guide and carry you all the way. Thank you to the children of St. Thomas for showing me and the rest of the world that the light is still incredibly bright in Jamaica!✨

Kofi San has released his latest track, ‘Praise and Raise’ with FFM Records.

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A New Way to Fund Raise.

Every day, millions of people worldwide shop online with Amazon and by using our link to FFM’s Amazon influencer’s page you will be helping us to raise money for musical causes that we care about around the world. It doesn’t cost the shopper a penny because Amazon will pay us a small commission for each sale. This is a brilliant new way to raise funds without asking our friends to donate their hard earned money. We are currently working with Ugandan Ambassador Innocent Wodonya to support music and education projects in the Sironko district of Uganda and would love to help out new musicians by helping them buy equipment and pay for better marketing of their work.

You can visit our Amazon Page here and by hitting shop at the top of this website.

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