Ready to Quit Your Day Job? – TOP 7 for Musicians

1) Ready to Quit Your Day Job and Be a Full-Time Musician?

Last week I answered questions during a Facebook Live broadcast. Here’s a segment where I covered knowing if you’re ready and how to deal with having a variety of creative passions.

2) Don’t Make This Self-Employment Mistake

Want to be your own boss? Great. But don’t get stuck in this common trap. In this video, I explain what this obstacle is and how to overcome it.

3) Seven Full-Time Musician Lessons from Dave Ruch

I’ve been following Dave for a couple years now. He’s a smart, savvy musician. In this article he shares seven things he wished he knew before he became a full-time musician.

4) 25 Quick and Easy Social Media Prompts to Post in a Pinch

This topic came up time and time again during the recent 30-Day Build Your Fan Base Challenge: What should I post every day so it doesn’t get old for me or my fans? Suzanne Paulinski has a nice checklist of ideas right here.

5) Apple Music to Surpass Spotify in the US

According to Bobby Owsinski’s Music 3.0 blog, Apple Music is growing at a higher new paid subscriber rate than Spotify is in the US. As a result, the service is on track to pass Spotify sometime during the summer of 2018.

6) The Most Powerful Way to Reach Your Fans

So many tools, so little time. What’s the most effective way to engage and interact with your fans? Want to know my top recommendation? This little gem, from my video archives, spells it out for you.

7) Attract More Fans — 4 Simple Steps

On this episode from my podcast archives, I present a simple four-step processyou can use to clarify who you are as an artist, identify your ideal fans, and reach them in a meaningful way.

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