Innocent K Wodonya:

International FFM Ambassador for Uganda

Innocent K Wodonya

A dedicated and passionate musician, it is an honour to have Innocent on our team representing the wonderful musicians of Uganda.

Innocent is currently working with FFM to raise funds for the David Kiwana Wind Classics for much needed instruments and equipment to take the organisation to the next level. You can help Innocent by visiting our Amazon Page

Innocent and euphonium
This is my story of music
I am a 22 year old from Uganda and live in Kampala but I was born in Sironko in a family of 11 children with my mother and  father.  I love music and through music I have learned a lot of things for example respect and I have met a lot of friends around the world.
I am a kind and God fearing person. I love my family and love playing music and love  making lots of new friends who are both musicians and  who are not musicians.
It’s all in the tuning!
I started music in the year 2008 when I was at Highway Secondary School. One day  a music teacher who wanted to start a brass band in our school,  asked for those who where interested in joining and I was picked.
I loved the idea and I have loved music since the day I was born.  I played percussion for a year and later I joined the brass section. I played cornet and trumpet then in the year 2013, I moved to euphonium and that’s what I play today.  I love what I do and would love to do it for the rest of my life.
When do we start?
After Highway Secondary School  I started with Mbale Schools Band as a deputy euphonium player and from there I started playing with David kiwana Classics.
Innocent K Wodonya.
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