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At Freedom for Musicians, our philanthropic purpose is to serve and support musicians from any genre, style or culture by providing a free promotional service via FFM Magazine.

Our services so far:

  • All our musicians have access to the website via the admin team.
  • A Musicians Directory
  • Live stream your performance at the FFM Live Lounge
  • Event promotion through our network of thousands of musicians worldwide.
  •  Members can advertise, for free, any musical product or service on the website. (Musicians Market Place)
  • Flex your journalistic muscles and publish your music blog on our website.
  • Become an International ambassador for your home country.
  •  Recording artists can access the marketplace through our own fully licensed independent (FFM Records Ltd) record label.
  •  An opportunity to be a Featured Artist.
  • The Freedom Orchestra. An orchestra established to bring together recent settlers in the UK either refugees or migrant musicians. (Coming soon)
  • Have your musical innovations promoted as ‘Featured Product’.
  • Promote your online lessons to a global audience.
  • Share and promote at our Facebook home.

If you would like us to promo your work, all you need to do is message me, Roger Moisan, with your links etc, and we will do the rest.


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Happy New Year from Freedom for Musicians

As 2017 and our first year helping musicians around the world comes to a close, I would like to say a massive thank you to all our members and readers. I wish you all a very prosperous and musical new year and hope that FFM can help you in your endeavours.

Much love and happy music making,

Roger Moisan

founder of Freedom for Musicians.

The Coppergate Piccolo Trumpet: A Piccolo trumpet for less than £300

The Coppergate Piccolo Trumpet in Bb/A

Fast, Smooth & Hard Wearing
Pitched an octave above a standard trumpet, Piccolo trumpets are perfect for playing difficult high trumpet parts, especially in baroque music, and were made famous in the pop world in the instrumental section of The Beatles ‘Penny Lane’.

The Coppergate Piccolo Trumpet has a yellow brass body, bell and lead pipe; with a lacquered finish, giving it a bright, bold sound. The valves are made of cupronickel with nickel plating, making them fast, smooth, and hard wearing.

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Multi-Tune Options
The Coppergate Intermediate Piccolo Trumpet comes with two lead pipes, one for playing in Bb, and one for playing in A, meaning that rather than having to transpose, you can just swap to the different lead pipe.

This fantastic trumpet offers professional quality at an affordable price, making it perfect for players of all standards who want to add a piccolo trumpet to their collection.

Key: Bb/A
Bore: 11.66mm
Bell: 99.5mm, Yellow Brass
Tuning Pipe: Yellow Brass
Piston: Nickel plated Cupronickel
Leadpipe: Yellow Brass
Finish: Lacquer
Case: High-grade wooden case


The Valveless Scale Exercise For Trumpet – By Roger Moisan

By Roger Moisan

The valve-less scale exercise.  

This is an advanced exercise for trumpet players to help develop embouchure strength, pitch surety and control.

  1. Play a strong low F to establish pitch.
  2. Remove the tuning slide and play the same note. Hold the instrument lightly and finger as if playing normally.
  3. Slowly, play up the F major scale trying to pitch and centre each note. This will be very difficult to start with especially the first 3 notes after the F. The G, A and Bb are outside the natural harmonics on the leadpipe.
  4. As the notes begin to sound more easily, play the F major scale up and down slowly. (Always finger the notes as if playing normally)
  5. Finally, replace the tuning slide and play the F major scale again slowly without the valves.

This exercise can be extended into other keys and also into playing melodies. I like to play ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ after the scale exercise.

Caution! This exercise is extremely tiring and should only be performed after a good warm up and rest for 5 minutes before continuing practising.

Never play this exercise in the ear shot of a fixer! They won’t understand and will think you can’t play.

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Roger Moisan