Debdeep Misra performing at Golpark Ramakrishna Mission – Raga Yaman

By Debdeep Misra, FFM Ambassador for India

“Indian classical music is a genre of South Asian music.It has two major traditions: the North Indian classical music tradition is called Hindustani, while the South Indian expression is called Carnatic.”

Indian classical music has two foundational elements, raga and tala. The raga forms the fabric of a melodic structure, while the tala measures the time cycle.

Indian classical music is a genre of South Asian music.It has two major traditions: the North Indian classical music tradition is called Hindustani, while the South Indian expression is called Carnatic.

The raga gives an artist a palette to build the melody from sounds, while the tala provides them with a creative framework for rhythmic improvisation using time.

There is no concept of harmony in Indian classical music. 

Here Debdeep Misra performs raga YAMAN……WHICH IS INDIAN CLASSICAL RAGA. Yaman emerged from the parent musical style of Kalyan Vilambit bandish  ” kahe sakhi kayse ke ka kariye”
Debdeep Misra
Debdeep Misra, FFM Ambassador for India

FFM Indian Ambassador Debdeep Misra to Perform at Golpark Ramakrishna Mission

Debdeep is an Indian Classical Music Singer of the ancient Indian tradition. He will be performing at the GOLPARK RAMAKRISHNA MISSION on the 7th April from 6pm. All are invited but if you are not in this part of India or, not in India at all, you can see Debdeep’s concert here at FFM via the Live Lounge.

Good luck Debdeep and much love from your friends around the world!!

Debdeep Misra, International Ambassador for India.

Study With Debdeep Misra – Indian Classical Singer

You can now study with Debdeep Misra online or in residence. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn the art of Indian Classical Singing with an authentic highly qualified musician of note.

Born in 1993, Debdeep Misra the grandson of legendary vocalist Pandit Bishnu Sebak Misra of Benaras gharana(piyari gharana) loved music enough to start listening, appreciating and learning at a very tender age of four under the guidance of his mother smt. Banani Misra-one of the desciples of Pt. A.kanan and Vidushi Girija Devi and his father who is disciple of pt. Mani lal Nag.

Few years later,Debdeep’s formal training started under Pt. Tushar Dutta.

Since 2006,Debdeep is under the tutelage of veteran vocalist Pt. Aniruddha Bhattacharya

Debdeep has given quite a few recitals organised by connaisseurs in various places like Westbengal,Kolkata,Mumbai,Delhi,Ranchi,Varanasi where he featured among the stalwarts of classical music. Inspired by Swami Vivekananda,Debdeep worked hard and got the chance in Ramakrishna Mission Vivekanada Vidyamandir Malda.


• Debdeep is awarded with “GIRIDHARI RATNA SAMMAN” in 2017 by Puravai sannskreetikala vikaashkendra Kolkata.

• He has got “ PANDIT TRIMBAKRAO JANORIKAR SASHTRIYA GAYAN ” award by Gaanwardhan Pune in 2017.

Achievement and Degree:

• In 2004,got enlisted within top ten from all over India in Ravi kichlu golden talent contest.
• In 2016,secured 2nd place in all India music competition organised by Vistar.
• Debdeep has earned “Sangeet Prabhakar” degree from Prayag sangeet samiti of Allahabad.
• He has earned “Sangeet Bisharad” degree from Prachin Kala Kendra of Chandigarh.
• Along with classical music,Debdeep has completed his masters in physics.

Few Noted performances:

1. India Habitat Centre – New Delhi-2017
2. Concert organized by swar sadhna samiti – Mumbai-2017
3. Subah – e-benaras -Varanasi -2017
4. Kala vithika Apurva pratibha mahotsav – ICCR Kolkata-2017
5. Concert in Bhowanipore sangeet sammelani – Kolkata-2017
6. Concert organized by Admires of tagore,shyamoli–Ranchi-2017
7. Ustad Abu daud sangeet sammelan –Malda-2016
8. Concert organized by Sur Archana group– Nazrul mancha kolkata-2016
9. Pandit Bishnu sebak Misra sangeet sammelan-Malda-2015,2008
10. Concert organized by sangeetam-Malda- 2003,2004

Press report:

• Hindusthan 5-3-2017- “Morning started with raga lalit”. Varanasi,at assi ghat in subah-e-banaras,Debdeep embellish the stage with raga lalit.

• Punya nagari-pune- 25-5-2017- Debdeep Misra,(paschimbangal) has got pt.Trimbakrao Janorikar sashtriya gayan award.

• Lokmat –pune-25-5-2017- Debdeep is awarded with pt. Trimbakrao Janorikar sashtriya gayan award.

• Good morning-pune-25-5-2017- Gaanwardhan present sashtriya gayan award distribution-Debdeep Misra,paschimbangal(pt.Trimbakrao Janorikar) award.

Contact No:

Phone: +919775946546


Address: Greenpark,Pandit Bishnu sebak Misra sarani,PO: Mokdumpur,Dist:

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Much love and happy music making,

Roger Moisan.