FFM Records – A Quiet Revolution for Independent Musical Artists.

With the continued exploitation of musicians by the big money labels and music distributors, Freedom for Musicians are offering an alternative for all musicians to promote and distribute their digital music. On average, a new release will take six months to a year to show any actual income for the recording artist. The distribution giants, Apple, Amazon, itunes, Spotify etc, will take their cut and their own sweet time before finally paying the source of the product, the musician.

This has to, and will stop!

At Freedom for Musicians (FFM Records), we now distribute our musicians work in house. We have teamed up with software distributor Paddle and ethical streaming service Humbolt to provide a truly independent service where the artist is paid quickly and transparently. FFM do not and will never take any money from our artists. Of course we need to make a profit too and we do this through advertising revenue and affiliate commision sales.

Please spread the word about this quiet revolution and if we can help you, don’t hesitate to get in touch using the contact form below.