Dita Nurdian

International Ambassador for Indonesia

My name is Dita Nurdian was born 24th October 1988. Live at Bekasi City – West Java – Indonesia. Before I worked as Human resources development (HRD), Accountant and Tax Officer. I decided to resign and focus to music. Even my music still not much people interest to listen but I will never give up.
I loved music since 5 years old, and my parents always listen Jazz and instrumentals Music (Western Music). And it’s make me listen what they listen too. And at 6 years old I liked to listen pop music ( western music). And have many inspiration from western musicians. Then I grow up with music everyday I always listen music after back school and sing it.
At 8 years old then I created some beats on my head with image it I’m playing instruments there. But in reality I never learn music instruments and I don’t have basic of music because I don’t take Music school.
And finally at 27 years old on my brain filled beats so I’m trying to find ways how to out my beats without play instruments. Then I find an app on Google play called Music Maker Jam by Magix German. It’s like a game but it’s not game because there I can practice my talent there such us like play mini electronic music software. Everyday I created music and almost 400 song I’ve created there about 1 year. And few my friend around the world give me some advice to make me move to next and new level. Make real music by FL studio and license it and sell it. I think it so deep and finally I try to find how I can sell my music ? Then I found LANDR, before I just try my lucky on LANDR because I don’t believe to myself that LANDR will accept an release my song but I really happy when finally I found myself become a real artist/musicians. But I stand alone after grow up and all my friends leave me after know I succeed because of jealous.
My family and friends doesn’t support me and Many people laughed me because I don’t have basic of music even till now I still blind for all about music. But I happy because I different I can make music on my head and my brain lead me to make the music real and make it use electronic music software and never stop.
Few musicians friend around the world now offer me to make collaboration. And I’m happy. I will never give up for my music even I’m a blind on music. I will always make music for make people happy listen it and I hope I can be inspiration for all people have same case with me 😊.

Alone doesn’t matter for get a success in music, career and life. Just brave and do it by heart.

Before I focus to many Genre almost all of Genre Especially Movie Soundtrack, Jazz and DNB Genre but now for my release song I make Trap, Hip Hop, Trance and Tropical House. I make music by FL studio for now at home just use old mini notebook by HP. I don’t have music studio. But I believe I will have music studio oneday.
I still doubt with myself because my heart still want make Movie Soundtrack, Jazz and DNB. I hope oneday I can release and focus for it.
And hope oneday Movie Industry on Hollywood use my movie soundtrack. My big dream.
I played music everyday, without music my life is empty.
After I stopped make music by Music Maker Jam (Magix), I moved to another Application, I use I’M A DJ (W.A. Production) at the 1st time I don’t use it for commercial. Then I learn it more and I send message to the owner that he said the sample packs from I’M A DJ App (W.A. Production) can use for commercial free royalty from them and without copyright issues. Then I make many songs by I’M A DJ App and upload to Jamendo recommendation from my lil brother in Italy and upload to YouTube. Then I upload many songs, I get many listeners and download. But because I don’t have ISRC Number and I’m not have law without license and Jamendo make it free download and free royalty  without permission for my music so there are bad musicians use my music.
I can know it when YouTube restricted my music because someone claimed my music, he is more popular than me. He used my music and I watched it on YouTube pure 99% my music only 1% he add another sample pack. And I restricted back my song but YouTube win him because he is more popular than me. I posted it before him.
So I deleted all my songs on YouTube and I decided delete too in Jamendo. And I stopped make song.
Then after know disappointed I learn make pattern on FL Studio and add it with some pack from I’M A DJ App (W.A. Production) and I don’t publish it just keep it so I thought oneday I’ll publish for commercial.
And I stuck for music, and my friend from Russia give me recommendation for use Caustic App, Caustic is mini DAW for mobile almost have same function like FL Studio, I make music use Caustic and make collaboration with him an post on YouTube but not many people like the sound from caustic. So I decided stop.
And I quit make music and almost leave it. But my friend from Swedia, India, German, Sudan, Canada, Australia America and London said to me that I don’t give up. And I try to find something new how to sell my music and submit to music platform. I’m not sure with many offer from some friends and website I found. And I got many good offer from popular record label from America but I don’t accept it because my heart still doubt If I must live in America.
And my bad is rejected it, I feel stupid rejected lucky chance.
The music I published 2017-2018:
1. Hypnosea : Tropical House, include my vocal
2. Lovendear : Trance, Chillout,  include my vocal
3. Alone : Tropical House. Collaboration with Q-Bale (Indonesia)
4. Sugarnight : EDM, Trance. Collaboration with Dimz (Indonesia)
5. Laila Majnun : Oriental. Collaboration with Q-Bale (Indonesia) and include vocal Sankar Arun (India)
6. Where are you now : Trap, Hip Hop, include my vocal
7. Broken : R&B, collaboration with Vicky Vimmas (India) include my vocal
8. Perfect Block : Hip Hop, Trap, collaboration with Maniacmac (Swedia) include my vocal and ManiacMac’s vocal.
9. Illusion : Hip Hop, collaboration with Giuseppe Curinga (Italy) include my vocal
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