Become a Musical Ambassador

Freedom for Musicians are seeking to appoint volunteers as International Ambassadors to promote the work of FFM in their home countries. As an international cooperative, we want to bring musicians together from all corners of the world to share and promote each other’s work. Creating opportunities and enabling musicians to develop their careers without cost or fear of exploitation is what we are all about.

Ambassadors will:

  • Have their own country’s page on the website
  • They will have their profile, bio and work clearly displayed for the world to see
  • They will actively promote and recruit members in their home country
  • They will regularly report on the music scene at home, raising awareness of new artists
  • Share with the world new ideas and opportunities that may help our members in their work.

To become an ambassador for your country, email Roger Moisan directly at introducing yourself, outlining your musical story and what you can offer to this role.


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  1. Heck there is a lot of relevant “become an musical Ambassador” for your county information on this page. It is wonderfully refreshing to see that the actions of one ppl to open up musical engagement for the listeners and the people behind the scenes.

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