Introducing Sara Strudwick – From an island bursting with talent

By Roger Moisan

Measuring just 12 miles by 5 and situated just off the coast of France, Jersey CI is absolutely bursting at the seams with musical talent. Sara Strudwick is one of the island’s most precious jewels. A singer songwriter and awesome performer, Sara, now based here in London is set to take the music scene by storm. You can see Sara performing live at the Spice of Life, Soho on 19th May.

Sara Strudwick
Sara Strudwick


Sara started singing at the age of 13, growing up as an artist on the island of Jersey.

She became a teacher at her music school at the age of 16, while gaining experience in live performance and in the studio. Sara began her youtube channel in 2014 using her work in Dream Box Studios with the help of the producer Jack Helm. In 2014 her live performance of her first ever original brought her to the attention of UK talent scouts.

During her time in Jersey Sara had the opportunity to support some major artists such as James Arthur, Jess Glynne, The Vamps, Tom Jones and more.

Sara moved to London at the age of 17 to study music at university, and began working with producer Tim Arnold, opening for Blake Morgan where she was introduced as The Reservations ‘Emerging artist of 2017’ in London’s Soho. Sara has since gone on to play festivals such as Burtonfest, Burton on Trent and Septemberfest at Donnington Park.

Sara most recently took to the stage at the Half Moon Putney in October of 2017 with a completely new line up before stepping down from performing to begin writing an EP.

Sara Strudwick
Sara Strudwick at the Spice of Life 19th May 2018

New York’s Blake Morgan – “Sara is already an artist who is truly original”

Managing director of  VMGSounds, Adam Corns – “Go give Sara Strudwick a follow. I was really impressed with her whole set at #BurtonFest2017 in particular Sara’s flawless vocals. Awesome band and backing vocalists to. Certainly one to watch out for.”

Songwriters news UK – 23rd October 2017

“Sara Strudwick –  Sara is gaining all kinds of accolades as her career progresses , she’s got the looks the talent and the support as she hits the stage with a full band and a massive vocal and two backing singers – check out Sara’s timeline and media – She’s played Donnington –  A seriously BIG DEAL for a rising star !! and even tho she hinted on-stage that she was new to songwriting  – we would argue differently – her material is strong , intense, upbeat and is gonna work well in any festival / live band / party venue  with some AWESOME Guitar Rifts to seal the deal !! 

Forgive Me It’s Not You  – this is an awesome song – her material is strong and engagingly listenable  and –  along with the band , had the audience hooked!”

Sara Strudwick
Contact and follow Sara at her Facebook home

Sara Strudwick


Introducing Maddy Carty – Not Just a Political Songwriter

By Roger Moisan

The other evening, I had the great privilege of meeting Maddy Carty and was instantly struck by her engaging and powerful message. Hailing from the same camp as Amy Winehouse, Adele and Jessie J (the Brit School) Maddy Carty is an equally phenomenal tallent. Like many of Maddy’s generation, she is able to see through the blatant lies and glaring stupidity of this current Conservative government.

With rough sleeping at a record high across the UK, millions of families relying on food banks just to survive and our public services being eroded on an industrial scale, Maddy’s songs cut through the fog of media spin and tory propaganda.

Maddy Carty
Maddy Carty

Maddy’s latest album, ‘Come And Get It’ is not just a political statement but a beautiful blend of humour, sadness and fun coupled with the West London Sound.

As a West London resident, Maddy was deeply affected by the unnecessary tragedy,  one year ago, of the Grenfell Tower fire. A year on and many families are still displaced and looking for answers as to why their lives were turned upside down on that dreadful night. Maddy highlights the issues surrounding Grenfell and the many injustices in our society in her songs.

Never before has there been greater inequality in our society with the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. It is through artists like Maddy Carty that we can see a glimmer of hope that things are about to change.

If you haven’t downloaded Maddy’s latest album, you should!


Visit Maddy Carty Music

Maddy Carty Music
Maddy Carty Music


South London-born singer-songwriter Maddy Carty is an ex-BRIT School student who went on to study at Leeds College of Music. After graduating, she headed back to London to form her own band, and record her debut album, Come And Get It.

Drawing her inspiration from artists such as Tracy Chapman, India.Arie and Van Morrison, Maddy writes all her own material.

She has supported Norman Jay and Madness at House of Fun Festival, played The Brooklyn Bowl with Maxi Priest and performed at venues such as Ronnie Scott’s, The Troubadour and The Scoop for More London Festivals.

Maddy’s first album, ‘Come and Get It’ has received support from Radio 1xtra, BBC6 and BBC London amongst many others. Her new feature track ‘Got No Love’ has been championed by Mistajam and DJ Target on Radio 1.

Maddy is now writing for others as well as working on her new project and the first single ‘Same Way’ is out now. 

“Fantastic, great sound. Well done girl!”
Robert Elms BBCLondon

“A strikingly sophisticated and self contained talent Maddy Carty’s commanding yet delicate vocal is serviced by original songs of depth and commitment.”
Gavin Martin, Music Journalist

“Sickeningly talented – and using her gifts to make the world seem just a little bit fairer.”
Ian McCann, Record Collector Magazine

“Love her voice, love her song!”

David Rodigan BBC1xtra

Introducing from Italy – Caterina Serpilli – Classical Guitar

Caterina Serpilli is an Italian classical guitarist. She started to play guitar and accordion when she was 12. In 2000 she entered to the Conservatory “G.Rossini ” in Pesaro where she graduated in 2011. In 2010 she also took the degree in Economics at Politecnico delle Marche – “Giorgio Fuà” business college in Ancona.

Ms Serpilli attended as a full student masterclasses with Jason Vieaux, FabioZanon, Giulio Tampalini, Carlos Bonell, Michael Newman, Gaelle Solal MarcinDylla, Oscar Ghiglia and others. From 2011 to 2013 she studied at PreludioCentro Musicale (Bologna) with Walter Zanetti. Currently she is attending theannual masterclass with M° Arturo Tallini (Rome) and from 2012 she is
studying at Guitar Academy “Francisco Tarrega” in Pordenone with Adriano Del Sal.

Learn more about and contact Caterina Serpilli

Caterina Serpilli
Caterina Serpilli

Is Adele actually a good singer?

It’s all about control, poise, power and drama – but is Adele’s voice any cop?

Her public adore her, critics idolise her: Adele is hailed as the ‘voice of a generation’ for her power, emotion and sheer vocal strength. She sits comfortably within the pop/soul genre, but with a raw instrument like that you can’t help wondering if it’s actually, y’know… technically good?

Her Power

Adele has a huge voice. Although she’s not a great technician, nobody will disagree with the fact that she’s an amazing powerhouse of a singer. If she had been trained in opera there’s no doubt she would have projected over an orchestra without the need for amplification. Rich, deep and full of colour, she can belt right up to an E5 (the E in the octave above middle C).

Her Vocal Colour

Adele’s range is not the most impressive weapon in her arsenal, (Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Bruno Mars all have wider documented vocal ranges). What sets her voice apart is the masterful manipulation of timbre and colour which she uses to express the text she sings. She easily slips into the roles of scornful ex (‘Rolling In The Deep’), heartbroken lover (‘Someone Like You’) and repentant ex-girlfriend (‘Hello’):

Even in opera, gruff growls and shrieks which are not technically perfect are prized if they add the right character and emotion to the music. Listen to the breadth of different colours Maria Callas achieves in this final aria of La Cenerentola:

Could Adele be an opera singer?

The opera world classifies singers using the Fach system, which describes the voice and the different roles which might suit it, almost like describing wines as red or white, dry, semi-dry or sweet. A light high voice might be more traditionally suited to playing a princess, or a low contralto a widow.

Many people hear her low notes and instantly assume that she must be a contralto – but don’t be deceived. She actually produces these signature growls using quite a tense chest mix, her voice really comes into its own as she moves up in her register, becoming most clear between C4 (middle C) to C5.

When you also consider her warm, rich tone, it’s most likely that she’s a lyric mezzo-soprano. This Fach is described as strong, flexible and lachrymose, and is suited to roles such as Cherubino in the Marriage Of Figaro, and Nancy in Albert Herring:

One thing which separates opera singers from singers in other genres is their athletic ability and stamina. Adele already has a world-class instrument, and as her technique and her stamina improve she looks set to become one of the defining voices of our era.

So yes, she is actually a good singer – characterful, emotional and powerful. There are gaps in technique and she’s had well-documented medical issues surrounding her vocal cords (thanks to oversinging, the curse of many a popular artist), but at its root, it’s an instrument that conveys in spectacular fashion.

Introducing Dayna Jade – Metal Singer and More

Dayna Jade is a singer/songwriter for a progressive metal band in New Jersey, who transits frequently to the Northeast, United States. Upon her travels, she often performs live shows, writes new songs, rehearses with her band, networks new contacts, while also visiting family and friends. She also does studio sessions (i.e.) vocal tracks, scratch tracks, song lyrics and melodies. Although Dayna sings metal, she is gifted in just about any genre, including rock, alternative rock, blues, pop and some country pop.

On her thoughts about music, she says, “I definitely enjoy a wide variety of music, especially growing up with both parents being singers, my mother a pop singer; father an opera singer; uncle a blues/jazz trumpet player and cousin, a conga player in a salsa band. I’m very proud to be carrying on the musical legacy my family has left behind and so diverse, to appreciate all types of music.”

Dayna Jade
Dayna Jade

Dayna creates and performs music for the pure LOVE of it! Music remains her soul and heart’s desire, never ceasing, and it’s not a matter of giving up or stopping; She can’t, and never will until the day she is called home. Also, she’d like to make a difference in this world; to inspire, encourage, touch ones soul, laugh or cry, sing, dance and know, by her lyrics, to show people that they’re not alone. And for a moment, or perhaps hours, to brisk them away from life’s cares with her beautiful and gifted way of expressing music.

Dayna Jade
Dayna Jade

In late 2016, Dayna became Executive Chief Administrative Officer (EVP-CAO) of The Musicians Rock Network, which entails media in video & music photography, musician support, and also providing coverage for regional, national, and world music news. Her exceptional work ethics and untiring persistence has brought the organization into a brighter scope with a broader definition. In the same year of 2016, in the month of December, she extended her career in modeling, having been photographed exquisitely and professionally on the beautiful paradise of Anna Marie Island, Florida. 

Dayna Jade
Dayna Jade

Dayna Jade is that multi-talented, yet magical woman that carries the voice of an angel, able to captivate both young and old with her vibrato and amazing vocal range! 

Visit Dayna Jade here

The ‘Soft Way To Mozart’ – A new way to learn to play the piano

One thousand years ago, the system for using notes to accurately record musical sounds was launched into the world. With it, people received the powerful ability to write down and read music.  The author of this project was Guido of Arezzo, an Italian Benedictine monk. Thanks to the Guido recording code, the musical language became written once and for all. But eventually, like any other code, this one needed an upgrade.

The Soft Way to Mozart is an action program that calls us to go back to Mozart’s time, when musical language was in its climax of development.  Only then can we correct the error of history by combining notes and keys, as was originally conceived by their Creator, Guido.

Hellene Hiner
Hellene Hiner

Music Vision International, (MVI) is a software development company that creates and markets interactive multi-media music education programs and curriculum to promote music literacy globally.  MVI’s predecessor company was Do Re Mi Fa Soft, founded in 2002 by a Russian-trained musicologist and music educator, Hellene Hiner, who has more than 30 years of teaching experience.

At the heart of this company is the groundbreaking patented and copyrighted invention of the Grand Staff visual simplification. Music notation has not changed for 10 centuries and only MVI has proven way of spelling it out for beginners from 2-year-old and up globally.

The mission of Music Vision International is to:

  • Dramatically improve music literacy throughout the world by becoming the premier online music learning destination, offering people of all ages and abilities an extremely fun and cost-effective way to learn to play piano and read music; and
  • Create a culture where music literacy enhances academic achievement for K-12 students who are part of the Soft Mozart” program.

The ‘Soft Way to Mozart’ curriculum is the cornerstone of the company’s entire product line. This curriculum covers all levels of music educational development from elementary to secondary schools. The curriculum consists of software interactive learning games, visual and interactive sheet music, books, lessons plans, flash cards, songs and other educational materials.

About Hellene Hiner, the founder of Music Vision International LLC

Ms. Hiner is the Founder and Chairman of MVI.  She developed the ‘Soft Way to Mozart’ curriculum for piano learning and music reading from over 30 years of research and music teaching.   Hellene is also the face of the program and has appeared on numerous TV shows and news programs.   She is an established and well-known entity with some of the most prestigious music institutions in the world including the Moscow Conservatory and the Madrid Conservatory.

Hellene was born in Leningrad (St. Petersburg), Russia, and soon afterwards, her family moved to Ukraine. She entered a Music School to learn piano at age 7 and graduated with honors prior to entering the Zhitomir (Ukraine) Music College to study music theory, music history, and piano. Her favorite subjects were the pedagogy, psychology, and methodology of music. She graduated the Zhitomir Music College with honors and a Bachelor’s degree in music theory, music education, music history and piano.

Ms. Hiner continued her musicology education by attending the Kharkov (Ukraine) Music Conservatory (University of Arts) to receive her Master Degree in music, completing her 16-year-long Russian classical music education. She wrote a thesis, “How to teach children to understand and appreciate advanced forms of music.” The thesis was appraised with top marks, and the committee of the conservatory recommended that it be published.

Professionally, Hellene has worked as a music educator teaching in both public and private music schools and universities.  In the mid-1980’s, she invented a unique system of ear training and writing musical dictations. She also developed a system of teaching young students music improvisations and creating music. In 1991, her students composed an opera, “Kolobok,” and one of her pupils received a medal in the regional contest of young composers.

Upon moving to the United States in the mid-1990, Ms. Hiner founded “Little Mozart” – a Developmental Music Program. She taught piano using this music program in several private schools to children of ages 2.5 – 13 in groups and individually.  She also developed a way of teaching 2-5 year old children to play piano exercises in order to improve their eye-hand and two-hand coordination, and invented some music games to identify fast and slow music, major and minor, intervals and chords. These inventions subsequently formed the intellectual property for the current Soft Way to Mozart learning curriculum, which received a US Patent in 2009. Over the past eight years, more than 3,500 users across 48 countries have licensed the software program to learn how to play piano music.

Ms. Hiner continues giving piano lessons at her private piano studio for children in the Houston, Texas though now her main occupation is in applying her new ideas and vast teaching experience into learning materials, books, and software, and providing workshops for teachers. She also providing teacher training globally to spread her invention globally.

As the head Musicologist for Music Vision International, she keeps close contact with the schools and music studios that use the “Soft Way to Mozart” piano teaching method and learning software.

FFM Azerbaijan Ambassador, Gulsen Ibadova – Traveler Sindibad – First Rock-Opera In Azerbaijan

Dear friends, our amazing project is coming soon. I’m very proud to play in this rock opera in the role of Sinbad’s beloved by the name of Zahra.

Dear friends, our amazing project is coming soon. I’m very proud to play in this rock opera in the role of Sinbad’s beloved by the name of Zahra. The music is composed by the talented composer Ridvan Sadirkhanov. The first time in the east will be presented to you a rock opera. Written on the motives of the fairy tale “The Traveler Sinbad” from the book “1001 Nights”

Music-Liberetto – Ridvan Sadirkhanov
Music Producer – Эмиль Миняшев
Painter – М. Кузнецова
Text reads -Adalet Shukurov
Sinbad – Mick Rafiyev
Zara – Gulshan MG Ibadova
Solo-Guitar – И. Якубов
Other roles – Azer Rzazade Javid Samadov Ilham Nazarov Ш. Керимов Н. Ализаде Ю. Моторина М. Рзаева Р. Садырханов Э. Миняшев
Тексты к ариям – Лейла Алиева Rafael Huseyn А. Гаджиев Р. Садырханов Видади(пер. К. Симонов) А. Милани Ш.М. Каджар Н. Гумилёв Й.В. Сладек С.Т. Кольридж

Get your tickets here


Dear friends, I would like to present you my new Aria “The Miracle of Love which was written for my voice. Music and words of Aria belong to a Brilliant Italian composer and my Friend Maestro Pierpaolo Lucca
In the near future we will make a music video for this brilliant composition. I will wait for your likes,  comments and shares
Best wishes,


Gulsen Ibadova
Gulsen Ibadova


Your Favorite Rapper Is a Girl – Tamara Bubble

You have got to check out Tamara Bubble! Tamara is a rapper, singer songwriter and commentator on the human condition. Bubble on Deck is a brilliant and hilarious podcast where Tamara will discuss any topic from airport security to Pringles. You can also check out Tamara’s EP release below.

On this EP release, Tamara doesn’t shy away from the stigma of being labeled a “female rapper” as long as you know she’s your favorite rapper PERIOD. Tamara Bubble is primarily known for her singing in many genres, but she’s back with 100% bars this time because her fans asked for it! Within 7 tracks, Tamara will turn you on, make you dance, think, and lyrically turn you out! Topics include domestic violence, gambling vs. saving, investing,

Tamara Bubble
Check out Bubble on Deck


Introducing Eva & The Perrin Fontanas

Born in a notebook and shared with the world. Eva & The Perrin Fontanas are an uplifting mix of soul, singer songwriter and funk deeply rooted in lyricism. Designed to make you feel good and engage your mind.

A Fantastic New Track From Ashley Martinez – ‘Dead Roses’

Dead Roses, the new hit single from Toronto Artist Ashley Martinez. The video was filmed at the stunning natural falls found in Hamilton, Ontario. Enjoy the emotional journey and big vocals!

Get your copy of Dead Roses:

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Ashley Martinez
Ashley Martinez