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A Time Like This: A Hip Hop Lament For America

A Hip Hop lament, critique, and call to action. Maybe there’s a reason we were made for a time like this.
Micah Bournes “A Time Like This”

When I was younger, I wished I could have participated in the world-changing demonstrations of the American civil rights movement. Bittersweetly, my wish has been granted. Recent events have revealed that institutional racism and racial wounds in the U.S. are deep and festering.

With increased awareness of police brutality due to technology, with incarceration rates of Black Americans being grossly disproportionate, with the political power swing in our latest election, the nation is more divided than it has been in recent years. I realized, whatever I am doing now is exactly what I would’ve done back in the 60’s. “A Time Like This” was birthed out of frustration, righteous anger, and a conviction that ugliness should be countered with beauty, we should fight evil with poetry. Tired stereotypes must be undone with creativity.

The title, “A Time Like This,” is from the story of Queen Esther, a courageous woman in Jewish history. She lived in a time of great injustice. Genocide was about to be committed against her people and she had the choice to hide her racial identity, or risk her life by challenging her husband; the very King who ordered the genocide. Esther’s uncle Mordecai wisely suggested that there may be divine purpose for her existing among such injustice; “who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this.” Heeding his advice, Queen Esther was able to save her people from extinction.

I believe it is no accident that I am here, in America, 2017. This album will explore what that reason could be via hip hop and poetry. There is purpose in this madness and I am thankful to all who will partner with me in fulfilling that purpose. There’s a reason we were made for a time like this



It’s Friday night and we’ve been invited down to Electric in Brixton, to witness German Duo Tube & Berger, open up for tropical house favourite Bakermat.

Bakermat is essentially accessible deep house music for the masses, and what Tube & Berger manage to provide, (without alienating the otherwise commercial audience), is a more underground deep house and techno set, which goes down an absolute storm.

Ahead of their eagerly anticipated second album, ‘We Are All Stars’ which drops sometime in May, Tube & Berger include a live element to their show with vocal PA, Richard Judge. His soulful voice and energetic enthusiasm pump up the fans and connect Tube & Berger to the crowd on a whole other level. Richard sings along to their collaborative singles; ‘Ruckas’, ‘Set Free’ and ‘Disarray’. This makes it fairly clear to see who is in fact here to see Tube & Berger, with a number of sing-a-longs now erupting from the audience.

Source: Gemma Bell

Tube & Berger may not be the headlining act tonight, but their rare London appearance has brought out of the woodwork their own mega fans, as Kitball t-shirts and banners appear waving in the front row!

Amongst their own productions which span across deep house, and a darker more progressive house, they dropped classic tune Mylo’s; ‘Drop the Pressure’, Green Velvet, Pork & Fitch’s; ‘Sheeple’ and this years’ Ibiza dance anthem, Raffa FL; ‘How We Do’.

Also making a debut appearance was the new single, also named ‘We Are All Stars’. It was one of the more radio friendly tracks of their set, but in this setting, with this kind of audience, it was an absolute highlight! Signed to label Embassy One, which is also home to Booka Shade, Röyksopp, Robyn, Moby and Björk. You can hear it here first; We Are All Stars

I’m told there will be more live elements added to their already stellar performance, so keep an eye on their Facebook page for the latest news and tour dates; Tube & Berger Facebook