Today’s FFM Stage Belongs to Dita Nurdian – Alone – Featuring Q – Bale

Dita is a prolific composer of techno/electronica from Indonesia. Spread the love by sharing and subscribing to Dita’s youtube channel.

Potentiam: Rewarding Music Artists & Fans Alike

Potentiam is a stellar, new music network for aspiring musicians, music bloggers, and seekers with a taste for new tunes for their ear holes. Being the creators of the respectable music discovery site, BritznBeatz, the founders have put together a new platform which will allow artists to engage more in the music industry along with fans and bloggers alike. The vision is to shine a spotlight on rising music creatives and allow their work to be recognised by the rest of the world through the use of a peer-to-peer system, which will be promoted through the use of cryptocurrency. All members of Potentiam have dibs on the reward system as artists have access to crowdfunding.

A wonderful perk to this new platform for the supporters is the ability to listen to what you want to listen to. The algorithm put in place allows you to view the music you want and discard what isn’t your fancy. You will have the ability to connect with your favorite artists and support their journey of musical growth. The best part? You get to be rewarded for simply being a fan and engaging on the site.

As a writer myself for Britznbeatz, I am excited to see this new platform come to light for the exposure of undiscovered and often overlooked, talented artists. This is looking to be a game changer for those gaining their start in the music industry and for those who simply want to be involved whether you’re a blogger, fan or an investor. Potentiam will bring music creatives and fans together under one platform. All you need is curiosity, enthusiasm, and a set of headphones. Potentiam is coming to the world in 2018.

Potentiam PRE-ICO date is TBD

Potentiam’s incentives include:

Low rates
The lowest rates to receive momentum within a social media community and get maximum exposure and commitment.

Reward systems
All members earn monetary rewards in tokens for their commitment within the community. The feed algorithm gives each user the option to see what they want.

The platform allows the musical project of any user to be a reality, taking advantage of the power of a social network. As more fans support your project, you’ll get rewards in tokens.

Basically, even just by browsing, each user can get reward tokens on the platform by interacting with their favorite music in the possibilities that they will find.

Investor opportunities
Investors can take part and earn rewards of 30 percent of fees generated by the network.

For more details please contact Potentiam.

Details of the token sale
Potentiam is launching a public token sale to raise funds for the Potentiam project. The tokens will be called PTMs and will be attached to the new standard ERC20 token in the Ethereum main network.

PTM token details:

Token / Token — Used to buy goods, services and advertising space in Potentiam
Symbol — PTM
Maximum supply — 100,000,000
MTF Price — 1 PTM = USD 0.41
Minimum transaction amount — 0.04 ETH
Coin distribution — 4 weeks after Crowdsale closes.

For more details about the project you can see the White Paper, and about the crowd sale, dates and more details of participation, you can receive the information directly by subscribing to the Potentiam mailing list.

Potentiam Official Website

Potentiam Introduction video

Potentiam Whitepaper

Potentiam Telegram

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Potentiam Medium

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Originally published at on October 27, 2017.

Free Form Rock – Podcast by Marc Alden Taylor

Today we Discuss a Canadian band that fell through the woodwork Has Dave Mason and Steve Miller on some songs from 1969..Merryweather-Word Of Mouth.. Plus 3 songs from the album and 2 Tracks of the week KXM-Scatterbrain and Zakarrias-Who gave you Love..So Sit Back and Enjoy!!!

Free form rock
Click to hear the podcast

Today’s FFM Stage Belongs to – Pale Crow

Spread the love by sharing and subscribing to Pale Crow’s Youtube channel.

Check out their new track – Liam on by clicking the image below.

Today’s FFM Stage Belongs to Tobias Ennemoser Tuba Beatbox – Simply Brilliant!

Beatbox tuba! What ever next? Please spread the love by subscribing and sharing Tobias' Youtube channel.

Hey, i´m a Tuba Player from Austria Vienna doing new sounds and styles on the tuba. It´s normally not known as a modern instrument, but it made a big development the last years and is getting more and more common in pop and other music genres. The modern or grooving tuba is traditionally based on the New Orleans Brass Bands or Balkan Brassa Bands. I'm normally playing Jazz, other improvised music and music in general . Here I am doing an Instrumental Electro Tuba Beatbox in the styles of Techno, Goa, and Drum n Bass. Tuba: Tobias Ennemoser Sound/Video: Clerck

Introducing Featured Artist – Blow_Flyy

Blow_Flyy who Performs out of Toronto Canada, but from Halifax/Dartmouth Nova Scotia, is a new age artist with a new thought process, he does it his way, for the Fans, that is with out rhyming, instead telling stories.

When it comes to the industry. He, like most artists who are true to the game and themselves, wants to pursue his career solely as an independent artist. While many artists are looking to be signed, he remains loyal to his identity and genre.


As an artist who has clean content, he has potential to gain a lot of respect within the wide spectrum of the industry. Respect with parental units and less vulgar entities will bring new money in a present yet undisturbed revenue stream.

Blow_Flyy is destined to make a dent in the industry starting in Canada, to the U.S., and then world-wide, definitely keep your eyes on this artist….

Get to know Blo_Flyy at his FB Page

Check out Blow_Flyy on Audiomack

Managed by Gary Johnson Jr email

Featured Artist – Blow_Flyy

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Today’s FFM Stage Belongs to Claudio Fava

Singer songwriter Claudio Fava hails from Milan, Italy with his latest track ‘Hello Hello’. Spread the love by subscribing to Claudio’s Youtube channel and downloading the track at Google Play.

Cantautore milanese, impegnato in una corsa contro il tempo, alla ricerca di suoni parole e melodie senza tempo. “SIAMO TUTTO SIAMO NIENTE”

Claudio Fava on Facebook.

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Today’s FFM Stage Belongs to Chloe Adelle

Chloe Adelle is an indi original duo from Australia formed by 15 year old twin sisters Chloe & Adelle Houte.

The band released its first album “Tightrope” in 2015. Chloe Adelle completed a national tour in January & February 2016 playing over 38 shows in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and many more along the Australian regional centres. Later in 2016 the group released a further 3 new singles, before a collaboration with New York producer Arty Skye (50 Cent, Alicia Keys, Madonna). “Angels & Devils” has received great reviews on independent radio charts here is Australia and overseas (US, UK, France).

The duo headlined the biggest fireworks display in Queensland during Hot91FM’s 2017 Summer Skyshow playing to over 20,000 people. In the last few months CHLOE ADELLE have release more singles including “Perfect”, “Follow Me”, “Once Again”, “Ticket” and now “Remember”.

The girls are working with DJ Raw Logic on some Drum & Bass Remix of their tracks and a new collaboration which will feature various rap artist from all over the world in a single to be released later in the year.

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Aria Elan – Hotter

Aria Elan’s peace, one love and social justice lyrics are delivered with her signature smooth vocals. Set to a head bopping beat, the music makes you jump up and dance. Please subscribe to Aria Elan’s YouTube channel. You will receive a FREE download of one of Aria’s song when you subscribe to

A graduate of College of Charleston and Southwestern University School of Law, she worked as an entertainment attorney, founded Isis Management, representing musicians, producers, and artists, including James Brown, Phred Mosbey, Musical Director for Earth, Wind, and Fire, musical group Bel Biv Devoe; the great South African singer, Miriam “Mama Africa” Makeba, Salaelo Maredi, acclaimed South African director, actor & playwright, and many others.
Ms. Elan later founded Sisi Records, releasing a collection of works, including Motown Legend Sylvia Moy’s hit “Love’s Inside” on the “Universal Love” album. Moy wrote and produced Stevie Wonder’s “My Cherie Amor.”

In 1990 she wrote musical “Amandla Ka Mandela,” which was staged at Henry Street Settlement Theatre in Manhattan, New York, which was followed by her historical fiction book “Missionary.”

Singer/Songwriter: Soul singer Aria Elan dropped debut album “Smile” November 1, 2013. Aria has entertained Veterans and active duty troops at various military bases.

She has spoken and performed for the US Navy, U.S. Air Force, women’s conferences, Veteran’s Organizations, and has received certificates of appreciation from the California Youth Authority, College of Charleston, County of Maui, NAACP, Ventura Self Help Clinic, Watts Legal Aid and numerous others.

As a motivational speaker, Aria Elan presents humorous, poignant and memorable stories about Aria’s ABCs of SUCCESS that resonate with people.  Aria performs her “ode to positive thinking” song “Smile” at all speaking engagements.

Introducing Featured Artist – Deena Ade

If we were to google the name Deena Ade, you would find a few of her released projects such as the ‘SIDE CHIC EP’, ‘I DON’T’, ‘INTERVIEWS’ and many more will appear. Some may describe her as a soulful alternative singer, some may describe her as a product of the new wave of music from Africa. We, the management, describe her as the future of Africa.

Born Medina Agboluaje, the first of four children, music has been a substantial goal of Medina since the age of eight. As a child Medina performed around London for a local charity which, eventually led to performing for the late Papa Madiba in this state visit to London. Over twelve years later, Medina can be found performing weekly in London’s hottest underground spots.

Having found much comfort in the training received by mentors such Beats by Sarz and other industry power players. Deena is now ready to face the music industry with the intensity she believes it is lacking. Using a name to define her sound and style can be quite daunting, but under the fabric of her stage performances lies a blueprint of influences. For example Amy Winehouse, Asa, Beyonce, Wizkid, Fela Kuti. 

Deena Ade is currently releasing a song a month for a year which will be followed up by an LP project, set to be released in November titled “THE FEMINIST”. As her talents and fan base continues to grow, she emphasises on people not to over look as her, as she is the future of the African Music Industry. As she says ” It doesn’t matter what people say, as long as they like my music’.