How To Unlock The Entire Fretboard Even If You Are A Beginner

In this livestream I discuss how you can unlock the guitar fretboard today even if you are a total beginner!!

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-Erich Andreas – MU Educator
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How to Replace Chords with Guitar Magic

In this video I’m going over how you can start incorporating some cool stuff (aka MAGIC!) into your chord playing!!

We’ll take a regular old A minor chord and break that bad boy down into its chord tones (A-C-E) and make some licks out of that in different positions on the neck!!

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Sean Daniel – MU Educator

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Knowing the Building Blocks of Jazz Chord Progressions

A jazz chord progression is made up of smaller blocks of progressions. This video will go over the three most important types of blocks or progressions that you need to know in order to understand the chord progression of a jazz standard. These will help you memorize and play jazz songs and make it possible for you to get better at sight-reading jazz lead-sheets!!

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Jens Larsen – MU Educator

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Introducing from Italy – Caterina Serpilli – Classical Guitar

Caterina Serpilli is an Italian classical guitarist. She started to play guitar and accordion when she was 12. In 2000 she entered to the Conservatory “G.Rossini ” in Pesaro where she graduated in 2011. In 2010 she also took the degree in Economics at Politecnico delle Marche – “Giorgio Fuà” business college in Ancona.

Ms Serpilli attended as a full student masterclasses with Jason Vieaux, FabioZanon, Giulio Tampalini, Carlos Bonell, Michael Newman, Gaelle Solal MarcinDylla, Oscar Ghiglia and others. From 2011 to 2013 she studied at PreludioCentro Musicale (Bologna) with Walter Zanetti. Currently she is attending theannual masterclass with M° Arturo Tallini (Rome) and from 2012 she is
studying at Guitar Academy “Francisco Tarrega” in Pordenone with Adriano Del Sal.

Learn more about and contact Caterina Serpilli

Caterina Serpilli
Caterina Serpilli

Introducing Guitarist – LuisetoZA

LuisetoZA is a guitar player who hails from Valencia, Venezuela and whose love of music and writing music is a true passion. Check out LuisetoZA on Soundcloud and Reverbnation.

“The music is not a competition, music is an expression, music unites people and its culture is the manifestation of the soul that goes with the wind sounds !!!
Give my music, music and art friends”



Contact LuisetoZA

Introducing Bass Guitar Player – Dani Bustamante

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Dani Bustamante is a superb Bass player and writer. His new album ‘Beginning’ not only showcases his talent as a performer but brings to the fore this often underrated yet vital instrument. The bass man holds it all together!

Check out Dani’s great new album ‘Beginning’ on Spotify.

Download ‘Beginning’ at Apple Music

Dani Bustamante
Click for Apple Music

Classical Guitar Player and Composer – Laurent Meneret

Laurent meneret
Contact Laurent Meneret at Linkedin

Laurent Méneret, born in France, is a self-taught musician who began playing the guitar at the age of fifteen. Two years later he attended the École Nationale de Musique of La Rochelle where he received a gold medal .He finished his music studies with Michel Sadanowsky at the Université Musicale Internationale de Paris.

During his training he had the opportunity to work with famous guitarists such as Roberto Aussel, Arnaud Dumond, and Pierre Culaz for jazz music.

As a composer, he writes his own works through which he makes himself familiar with the music. Meanwhile he has created a remarkable repertoire of varied solo and ensemble pieces.
He has been a member of the SACEM.

Laurent Merenet
Listen to a sample of Suite Meridienne


In addition, he works as a teacher of classical guitar at music schools in the area of La Rochelle.

Laurent Meneret
See Laurent’s catalogue of compositions at Schott Music


Introducing Guitarist – Juan Manuel Ruiz Pardo

Promo video of the “Solo Guitar Show” project, where I perform my own arrangements of classic pop & rock songs: Beatles, Queen, Police, Eric Clapton, Dire Straits, Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, Abba, Tears for Fears, Toto, Bon Jovi…

Juan Manuel Ruiz Pardo

Today’s FFM Stage Belongs to Angelo Zaminga – Number Station

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Angelo Zaminga – guitars, Leonardo Colazzo – bass,  Boris Stomeo – drums,  Artwork by Paolo Bolognini


All rights reserved ©

Today’s FFM Stage Belongs to Soundsmyth – Wings of Love

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Soundsmyth was founded in 2003 by Steve Smith and his brother David, along with longtime friend Walt Collins. The three had been playing music together off and on since they were teenagers. In 2006 they were joined by vocalist Ray Palmer and began working on their first CD. A year later Walt left and was replaced on bass by Rich Holtz. Two more years passed before the recordings were finished, mixed and mastered. The CD release party for “We Returned to Rock and Roll” was held at the Token Lounge in Detroit on February 13th, 2009.Sometime after the Detroit gig, David expressed a desire to go back to playing keyboards. The search for a new drummer ended several weeks later when Allan Eberly joined the band. While recording their follow-up CD, Lora Beuoy was asked to join the band as a second vocalist. No sooner were the last tracks recorded that both Allan and Rich departed. The CD was finished in September 2010 but the release was delayed while the “Wolves of Winter” video and cover art were completed. In October David decided to leave the band so Steve and Ray set up shop in what was to become Barking Dogs Studio.

Lora’s husband Ken joined in the fall of 2010 followed by Steve’s daughter Jaclyn the following spring. Over the next four and a half years numerous drummers worked with the band until John Bowden filled the position in 2014. Due to their talent and unique musical style, the band continues to gain fans both locally and internationally.