Latest release from FFM Records – ‘Measure of Abstract’ by Slawomir Rataj

Slawomir Rataj is a guitarist and composer from Poland. Recently released under the FFM Records label,  Slawomir’s debut album ‘Measure of Abstract’ is an instrumental album that combines electronica with Slawomir’s phenomenal guitar playing.

You can download the album here, at itunes and stream on Spotify.

String Rakes on Bass Guitar

In this video I’ll show you how to spice up your bass playing by using string rakes!!

Thanks so much for checking out my weekly bass lesson here at Musicians Unite!! I hope you found this lesson on string raking helpful!!

Please check back next week for another video and in the meantime catch up with me on my websites!!

-George Urbaszek – MU Educator

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Introducing Bass Guitar Player – Dani Bustamante

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Dani Bustamante is a superb Bass player and writer. His new album ‘Beginning’ not only showcases his talent as a performer but brings to the fore this often underrated yet vital instrument. The bass man holds it all together!

Check out Dani’s great new album ‘Beginning’ on Spotify.

Download ‘Beginning’ at Apple Music

Dani Bustamante
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