At FFM Records, we want to provide an opportunity for all musicians to release their music commercially. Freedom for Musicians is about borderless music no matter the culture, genre, origin or sexual orientation.

The process is very simple:

  • You provide a good quality MP3/WAV/FLAC It does not need to be top professional quality as most independent musicians do not have access to high end recording facilities.
  • Art work to feature in your release.
  • Your musical story

We then use our industry partners  Ditto to distribute your digital recording worldwide in all major stores such as itunes, Spotify and Amazon. We will provide you the links to promote your music sales and we will also promote your music through our network.

We  pay 70% of royalties earned. We do not and will never take any money up front from our artists.

We provide a non exclusive distribution contract, which is not binding, and you retain all rights to your music. This is to protect your rights as an independent artist and ours as distributors. 

Distribution Contract_UK_V4

What is the first step?

We want  to get to know you and the first step is to email Roger Moisan at:

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FFM Records Ltd are a fully licensed independent record label

Company Number: 10183598

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