John Keen

International Ambassador for Argentina

John Keen, Argentinean, resident of the province of Neuquén. Conductor, Choirmaster, Pianist, Music educator, Ontological Coach and NLP certified member of the Argentina Association of Professional Coaching Therapist and ICT. 

His musical studies were conducted in several provinces, with teachers such as: Cecilia Barn, Dear Marisol, Mario Videla, Ricardo Zanon, Marcelo Birman, Gabriel Fontenla, Hugo Landolfi, Marcelo Chevallier, Ligia Amadio, etc. During his studies he was pianist in the orchestra of the National University of Comahue. 

He has received and has been shortlisted for over fifteen grants from various national institutions as well as international.

During 2005 and 2006 John Keen was granted a scholarship by Maestro Bruno Gelber after an exam before him and Master Director Ligia Amadio (Director of the Symphony Orchestra of Brazil and one of the three most prestigious Directors). He continued his studies in orchestral conducting with Maestro Guillermo Scarabino, in the province of Buenos Aires (these events were published in newspapers: Nation of Buenos Aires, Black River and media tv and radio). During that same year, was director of the department of chamber music Instrumental ensemble, “Amadeus”.

During 2006, John Keen was asked to teach a course in chamber music in the city of New Jersey, United States and in different cities Argentina. He was accepted by the Master, Rodolfo Saglimbeni docente catedrático de la Canford Summer School of Music-Londres Inglaterra- and Professor of Conducting at the Institute of Musical Studies- Caracas-Venezuela, for the realization of one of the most important courses Conducting worldwide and to carry out an internship in orchestral conducting in Caracas Venezuela.

From 2005 to the 2011, John Keen served as Music Director, teacher and coordinator of the “provincial program of Choirs in Churches” of the Ministry of Culture of the Province of Neuquén community getting two statements provincial legislature and cultural interest by the legislatures of the provinces of Neuquén River Black and his work.


Ambassador for Argentina, John Keen