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Freedom for Musicians Ltd

Freedom For Musicians Ltd
Freedom For Musicians Ltd


A true cooperative for musicians. After 30 years in the music business, I decided I wanted to give something back to the industry that has served me well, and given me some fantastic opportunities that have shaped my life. Musicians are among the most unappreciated and exploited people in the arts world and through Freedom for Musicians, I intend to redress the balance. Our strength is in our unity and by working together as a cooperative we can share our resources, experiences and opportunities to build a community free from exploitation. By far the biggest obstructions to musical excellence and fulfillment are the financial constraints of everyday life. Members of FFM will never be charged for any of the services we offer, from advertising through to publishing via our own independent record label FFM Records ltd.

Roger Moisan CEO

Our services so far:

  • All our musicians have access to the website via the admin team.
  • A Musicians Directory
  • Live stream your performance at the FFM Live Lounge
  • Event promotion through our network of thousands of musicians worldwide.
  •  Members can advertise, for free, any musical product or service on the website. (Musicians Market Place)
  • Flex your journalistic muscles and publish your music blog on our website.
  • Become an International ambassador for your home country.
  •  Recording artists can access the marketplace through our own fully licensed independent (FFM Records Ltd) record label.
  •  An opportunity to be a Featured Artist.
  • The Freedom Orchestra. An orchestra established to bring together recent settlers in the UK either refugees or migrant musicians. (Coming soon)
  • ​​​​​​​Have your musical innovations promoted as ‘Featured Product’.
  • Promote your online lessons to a global audience.
  •  ​​​​​​​Share and promote at our Facebook home.
  • There is no membership or joining fee for FFM. To take advantage of all that we offer and to make suggestions, use the contact form below or email direct rogermoisan@yahoo.co.uk

The Team

Roger Moisan CEO
Paul Hinman, Head of Talent
Rachel Moisan, Youth and Student Liaison
Susan Moisan, PR and Marketing
Rupert Cheek, UK Ambassador
Debdeep Misra, Indian Ambassador
Innocent K Wodonya, Ugandan Ambassador
Dr William Nassar, International Ambassador for Canada and Lebanese musicians worldwide
Gulshan Ibadova, Azerbaijan Ambassador
Aria Elan, FFM Ambassador for the United States of America
Dita Nurdian – FFM Ambassador for Indonesia

Freedom for Musicians Ltd (Company Number 10183598) Companies House UK


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    I was a little bit surprised because I was expecting to find a blog post. But now I enjoyed your website page about you instead. I like your webpage because it feels a little bit different than most of the others. And I also love your picture in the head. I\’m not sure, but I think it will be difficult to rank in SEO when you have all the different ads on your page? Anyway, thanks for the visit and I wish you well.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words Erika. Part of our service is to advertise for members which is a catch 22 with SEO! Not sure how to get around this yet.

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