By Merle Burke

In Bill Madison’s latest album, “If I Had The Time,” you’ll find some solid musicianship, some, quite good, in fact. You’ll also find lyrics that connect brilliantly with life, not all primroses but, mostly challenged by love and hard living and journeys that maybe should have been taken or, maybe not. It’s somewhat folksy, somewhat Americana, this latest album, offering a compilation of songs that are so uniquely Bill in their style and composition.

We’re talking about a special breed of entertainer here – a man who puts his stuff out there, with apologies to no one. In this day of fake this and fake that, there is something to be said about one who, after so many years in the music business, still brings it. I’ve been a fan of Bill’s for many years and, I wasn’t disappointed with his latest work. Buy it. It’s a gem…

Merle Burke,
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Here is a gem from Bill Madison, Steve Young’s hauntingly beautiful ‘Seven Bridges Road’

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