Life hasn’t always been the best for B.D.Kold, but it wasn’t anyone else’s fault but his own. Bad decisions during his youth led to trouble with not only the law but addictions that almost ruined his life. Throughout all the negativity he found hip-hop but he wasn’t ready for it at first. It took until 2014 when he entered a disciple program and turned his life around thanks in part to pastor Kenneth Stewart .

It was through the program that he not only found his faith and direction but a new voice within himself. Now he’s set on making music that not only has a hip-hop appeal but takes things a step further. His debut, Walking In Faith, is a heavy, profound hitter that leads the way to his upcoming 2018 release, Heart Condition. Both showcase what he’s been through and provides hope and support for those who hit play.

Born brandon dwayne stovall, B.D.Kold grew up in a small working class community outside of baton rouge, LA. With both parents working, he found his way as a troublemaker at an early age. At the age of 13 he decided to run away from home, stealing a car and making it to Alabama where he totaled the vehicle running from state police. Lucky to be alive, he began to search for his purpose in life. As he grew up over the years rapping became his passion and what he decided he wanted his career path to be.

He began to pursue rap on the local scene and began to come into contact with  street life. Being young and from the middle of nowhere it enticed him as he started to see the guys around him earning respect as well as money through the drug trade as they were rapping in the local clubs. After years of battling multiple addictions and countless run ins with the law, in 2014 he entered into a disciple program a few towns over from where he grew up. He began to learn the word and biblical precepts god and put it in his heart to reach the people that were like he once was. This, today, has brought him to an attitude of winning the lost at any cost and gives him a fire filled approach to his music.

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