At Freedom for Musicians, our philanthropic purpose is to serve and support musicians from any genre, style or culture by providing a free promotional service via FFM Magazine.

Our services so far:

  • All our musicians have access to the website via the admin team.
  • A Musicians Directory
  • Live stream your performance at the FFM Live Lounge
  • Event promotion through our network of thousands of musicians worldwide.
  •  Members can advertise, for free, any musical product or service on the website. (Musicians Market Place)
  • Flex your journalistic muscles and publish your music blog on our website.
  • Become an International ambassador for your home country.
  •  Recording artists can access the marketplace through our own fully licensed independent (FFM Records Ltd) record label.
  •  An opportunity to be a Featured Artist.
  • The Freedom Orchestra. An orchestra established to bring together recent settlers in the UK either refugees or migrant musicians. (Coming soon)
  • Have your musical innovations promoted as ‘Featured Product’.
  • Promote your online lessons to a global audience.
  • Share and promote at our Facebook home.

If you would like us to promo your work, all you need to do is message me, Roger Moisan, with your links etc, and we will do the rest.


You can join FFM by becoming a member of our Facebook Group

Message me personally through Linkedin

email –

Visit us at FFM Records

2 replies on “Launch your music with Freedom for Musicians”

  1. A page where there is an abundance of information… temptingly just below the surface.

    Yet everything an up and coming musical \’artist\’ needs they have access through this site, the community that has been built and sooooo much more. A dry sense of humour with the Flex your Journalistic Muscle and publish your music blog here. Terrific concept.

    1. Thank you Susan for your kind words. Yes, it’s the community that makes FFM special. Nearly 5000 members from all corners of the globe. We have now released 3 artists work digitally who might never of had the opportunity under our own fully licensed record label FFM Records. The more we do, the more we discover we can do!

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