With more than 400 articles, FFM Magazine is packed full of great stories, music, videos and resources for the music enthusiast. Join our community for free or just browse. There is something for every musician at Freedom for Musicians.

At Freedom for Musicians, our philanthropic purpose is to serve and support musicians from any genre, style or culture by providing a free promotional service via FFM Magazine.


Our services so far:

  • All our musicians have access to the website via the admin team.
  • A Musicians Directory
  • Live stream your performance at the FFM Live Lounge
  • Event promotion through our network of thousands of musicians worldwide.
  •  Members can advertise, for free, any musical product or service on the website. (Musicians Market Place)
  • Flex your journalistic muscles and publish your music blog on our website.
  • Become an International ambassador for your home country.
  •  Recording artists can access the marketplace through our own fully licensed independent (FFM Records Ltd) record label.
  •  An opportunity to be a Featured Artist.
  • Have your musical innovations promoted as ‘Featured Product’.
  • Promote your online lessons to a global audience.
  • Share and promote at our Facebook home.

If you would like us to promo your work, all you need to do is message me, Roger Moisan, with your links etc, and we will do the rest.


You can join FFM by becoming a member of our Facebook Group

Message me personally through Linkedin

email – rogermoisan@yahoo.co.uk

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4 replies on “Freedom for Musicians Magazine – An Online Music Magazine With A Difference”

  1. This looks to be the perfect site for musicians to lean on for guidance and resources! Promoting musicians is a worthy cause and provides them with a means to focus on what they do and love. Just play baby, just play!

    1. Thanks Wade, I have worked hard to create FFM for musicians worldwide and it is now starting to bare fruit after nearly 2 years!

  2. Hi Roger. As a musician myself I really love what I\’m seeing here. I don\’t perform professionally any more but did so for many years with my partner. These days we still write, record and play and are in the process of creating an archive website for our back catalog to live on. We were slogging away way before Facebook, Youtube and all the other social platforms existed. It was an old school process especially when we only played our own material. Although in many ways its much easier to get out there now it\’s also maybe even more competitive than ever. Thanks for providing a fabulous platform and resource for all genres of music and the very best of luck with it.

    1. Thank you Dave for your kind words. Yes, it is easier these days with the tech and self promotion possibilities but the competition has exploded. However, there is still no substitute for good old fashioned talent.

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