Roger Moisan
By Roger Moisan

Rarely in my 40 years as a student of the trumpet have I come across a player that is primarily a musician whose playing is governed by music and not the need to impress with pyrotechnics. I have always held the opinion that 99% of the audience do not care about or even like  screaming high notes and macho trumpet playing. It is the sound and musicality that communicates with the listener and Lucienne has this in spades.

Her undeniable command of the instrument allows her to channel her innate musicality and to interpret a melody as would a vocalist or string player. Simply by exploring the operatic and neapolitan song repertoire, Lucienne is bringing our beloved instrument to a new and very welcoming audience.

Lucienne’s new album, ‘The Voice of the Trumpet’ includes an eclectic array of music from Gershwin to Donizetti and demonstrates her ability to embrace a range of styles with imaginative interpretations and delivery.

In my humble opinion, Lucienne Renaudin Vary is the most refreshing player to enter the trumpet world since Sergei Nakariakov. Bravo Lucienne!


Lucienne Reanudin Vary
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“I chose vocal music as the theme for the album because I always aim to play the trumpet as if I were singing. It was a great honour to collaborate with artists I admire; notably Erik Truffaz, who improvises in duet with me in Gershwin’s Summertime, and Rolando Villazón who suggested we record a Donizetti aria together.”

The voice of the trumpet as you’ve never heard it before in arias, jazz standards and Broadway favourites: Lucienne plays it all with panache, alongside her guest soloists and the Orchestre National de Lille conducted by Roberto Rizzi Brignoli. The album also pays tribute to Lucienne’s idol, Chet Baker, in a new arrangement of My Funny Valentine.

“Chet is a god to me. He played it and sang it, the perfect blend of voice and trumpet.”

Lucienne Renaudin Vary

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