Laura Hassler
Laura Hassler Director & Founder Musicians without Borders

I grew up with a beautiful Christmas story called “The Carol That Never Was Sung,” written by my father– a writer, peace activist and lover of music.

My pacifist parents had left the organized church in their youth, disillusioned when it declined to oppose war, stand for social justice, and take radical risks. But they believed in the persistence of hope in dark times, and they recognized the many ways, across religions, cultures and histories, of telling stories of hope.

“The Carol That Never Was Sung” told of a song that somehow never managed to show up in time to help celebrate the birth of “the child”: each year, it had met someone who was lost, imprisoned, at war, exiled, or orphaned – and had always stopped to bring the consolation of music, and was therefore too late. “But next year”, the carol promises…

We are almost in another “next year” and those songs are more needed than ever.


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