Chloe Adelle is an indi original duo from Australia formed by 15 year old twin sisters Chloe & Adelle Houte.

The band released its first album “Tightrope” in 2015. Chloe Adelle completed a national tour in January & February 2016 playing over 38 shows in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and many more along the Australian regional centres. Later in 2016 the group released a further 3 new singles, before a collaboration with New York producer Arty Skye (50 Cent, Alicia Keys, Madonna). “Angels & Devils” has received great reviews on independent radio charts here is Australia and overseas (US, UK, France).

The duo headlined the biggest fireworks display in Queensland during Hot91FM’s 2017 Summer Skyshow playing to over 20,000 people. In the last few months CHLOE ADELLE have release more singles including “Perfect”, “Follow Me”, “Once Again”, “Ticket” and now “Remember”.

The girls are working with DJ Raw Logic on some Drum & Bass Remix of their tracks and a new collaboration which will feature various rap artist from all over the world in a single to be released later in the year.

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