By King’oi Mkenya – FFM Ambassador for Kenya

One of the things I would like to do as ambassador is to demonstrate that Kenyan/East African music has produced evergreens that have left a mark, and stand out in expressing the themes of our lives.
I have always wanted to explain the hypnotic and catchy way in which African guitar-based popular music is often driven by just three chords in a riff that cycles over and over but has enough variation and colour to keep the audience listening and the dancers moving.
One such song is “Sina Makosa” (I have no fault), a Kiswahili classic from the early 70’s that still enjoys radio airplay today and captures ever younger audiences. It was written by two brothers, George Peter and Wilson Peter Kinyonga, Tanzanians who moved into Nairobi to take advantage of the thriving live entertainment and recording industry of the time.
They performed in smoky clubs, playing all-nighters to entertain revelers. Fortunately, they also recorded this song and many others, which are often to be found on YouTube channels.

Sina Makosa (1) (will open pdf of TABS and Notation)

What I have done is to enter the notation and TABS into Notion, generated a synthesized rendition of the two main lead guitar riffs, and provided an excellent tutorial on YouTube by a young guitarist.
It is my desire that beginning and intermediate guitarists will listen and learn the tune.

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Much love and happy music making,
Roger Moisan