Introducing – Zero Cry

In our search for new musicians from around the world, FFM are proud to bring you 24 year old Trap Rapper Zero Cry, from the African nation of Benin, which is situated between Nigeria and Togo in the West of the continent.


Zero Cry, whose birth name is Menou S Auxence Maurillon, was born in 1995 and is a Trap music rapper, songwriter, actor and performer. Sadly, Zero lost his dad, Menou Yaovi Jean, in 2008 and this is when his real life started. Zero had to hustle hard on his own to finish school and received his Baccalaureate Diploma in 2012. Since then, Zero has been working on his music and has written 6 albums, each with 17 songs of minimalist Trap Rap and collaborated with DJ Barboza on the hard hitting track, L’Agent. (explicit language)

It is with great pride that we at FFM are going to release Zero’s track, L’Argent under the FFM Records label which will be released later this month. 

Check out this sneak preview (contains strong language)

Preview L’Argent

L’Argent will be released by FFM Records in Late February early March and will be available in all major digital music stores.

Trap Rapper, Zero Cry